Support No Shave November!

As I am sure mnsn_full_stackedany of you are aware, No Shave November is a fundraising and awareness month-long initiative to fight against cancer.  During November men and women across the country raise money and awareness through pledges and donations for not shaving.

We have all been touched by cancer, and certainly in our PLC family that is no different.  There are men and women in our little PLC community who are survivors, still battling every day to eradicate the disease.  Last week, I learned of one of our coach’s wives who just got diagnosed and is now preparing for the fight of her life.

For her, and the others in our lax family, many of the PLC coaches have decided to participate in No Shave November.  Below is a link for anyone who would like to donate any amount–small or large–to our PLC team effort.  PLC is donating on behalf of our coaches who are participating, we hope you all will join this cause by participating or donating as well.

This will also be a great opportunity to demonstrate to our boys the need for each one of us to give of ourselves for the greater good of others…a lesson never too early to be taught and shown. So if you see your PLC coach at a practice or tourney looking a little scruffier than usual this month, commend them for their selflessness and effort to fight cancer.

Here is our team link just created yesterday: